An Interview Series Created To MOTIVATe and Educate Aspiring Treps With Personal Lessons and Insights From Accomplished Entrepreneurs. 

TrepFuel Presents CULTIVATE | Q&A w/ Christopher Reid - Founder of Sortable

Christopher Reid is the founder and CEO of Sortable, an ad tech startup based in Kitchener. Now on his 5th venture, Chris has worked in variety of industries, from educational technology to the consumer web and B2B SaaS. 

Founded in 2014, Sortable is his first foray into ad tech, and he’s been helping make ad sucks less ever since. A seasoned entrepreneur, Chris works with several local startups, mentoring other founders on all aspects of startup life from strategy to fundraising and sales.

An avid yogi, enthusiastic skier, and father of three, Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.


Sortable makes ads suck less. Sortable uses data and machine learning to make real time decisions on which ad networks should fill each ad impression, in order to help publishers generate greater revenue.

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Interviewed By Joel Grannum


Chris has always been exposed to entrepreneurship since a young age, as both of his parents operated their own companies. When he enrolled at Laurier in 2012 he quickly realized that entrepreneurship is not something the majority of students are exposed too, yet there is a great eco-system in the region for startups. Entrepreneurship is the only job path that truly allows an individual to shape not only their world, but the world for others as well. Since attending Laurier, his mission has been to expose this super-power to students, and empower those that wish to walk entrepreneurial paths.

In 2013, He partnered with Enactus Laurier, the world largest student entrepreneurship organization and launched “Laurier Sustainable Entrepreneurship Competition”. This was the first social entrepreneurship conference ever held at Wilfrid Laurier University. With the help of this conference, Enactus Laurier has since been able to raise more support for their social initiatives. After seeing such a need at Laurier, he wanted join a club where he could help grow entrepreneurship even more, Startup Laurier was a natural fit.

The most amazing part of his experience working with Enactus Laurier and Startup Laurier are the people who he's been able to meet. Everyone in these organizations understands the power of entrepreneurship, and has an amazing drive to grow that within Laurier. "All of our successes and failures are celebrated collectively, this has created an amazing open support system that I am so thankful for."

Since joining Startup Laurier and helping grow entrepreneurship at Laurier, Chris has begun working at Communitech to help grow startups in the Kitchener Waterloo Region and Canada as a whole. Entrepreneurs both starting their own companies, and helping established companies innovate are the people leading the world to a brighter future. He will continue to support these individuals, and he encourages you to do the same.

TalentGuide is a marketplace for graduating post-secondary students and hiring companies. Focusing on the tech sector, client companies can browse students graduating from major universities within the next 12 months or less and offer interviews to the most qualified candidates.



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With over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, Toronto menswear designer Gian-Paolo Mazzotta is a man of dedication and determination.

Having designed and coordinated high-volume manufacturing in China and Canada for over seven years and determined to challenge himself on his terms, he developed his vision of high-end, classic menswear and established the Gian-Paolo Mazzotta brand in 2010.

Mazzotta quickly built an impressive clientele of some of Toronto’s most affluent gentlemen and soon expanded to his street-level namesake store on Queen Street West.

Inspired by traditional Italian men’s style, the Gian-Paolo Mazzotta man is classy, confident, and sharp; he’s a man who makes things happen. He is deliberate, unapologetic with his style – bold, but not ostentatious. He enjoys luxury and quality. The pieces in his wardrobe are classic staples with a modern touch.

His contemporary tailored looks have been featured in the pages of Sharp for Men, Dress to Kill, TChad; and on the red carpet on the likes of Chad Connell (Actor, Mortal Instruments, HBO’s Sensitive Skin), Drew Nelson (Actor, The Strain), Kristian Bruun (Actor, Orphan Black), and Derik Baker (singer, Virginia to Vegas). He has been named one of “The Greatest Bespoke & Made-To-Measure Tailors in Canada” by Sharp Magazine and BlogTO, and was also a featured retailer of World MasterCard’s 2013 Stylicity campaign.



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A father, husband, entrepreneur, mentor, and an irredeemable golf addict. Possibly like you, Jeremy’s big hairy audacious goal is to make a positive dent in this world.

His purpose is to use creativity and organizational skills to lead & inspire others to focus on becoming the best at what they do, so they can simplify and be happy in their lives.

WPUP is personal WordPress concierge service that focuses on providing peace of mind for websites by proactively updating, upgrading and monitoring the uptime of websites.



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TrepFuel Presents CULTIVATE |Q&A w / Gloria Roheim McRae - Author + Co-Founder of Wedge15 

Known for her bold approach to life, Gloria is an author, strategist and speaker. She began her career in public affairs, and slowly transitioned into the not-for-profit and then private sector before starting her first company in 2010. Today, she is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Wedge15.

During her years in market research consulting, she led projects in the telecommunications, healthcare and cultural arts sectors. She also interacted extensively with public affairs files during her time as a policy advisor in The Ministry of Finance and as a project manager in Eastern Europe. With over a decade of experience across multiple sectors, Gloria has fused it all to become a powerful strategist at Wedge15, sought-after for her interdisciplinary approach to project work.

Gloria earned her B.A. at McGill University and an M.A. in International Affairs from The University of Toronto. She speaks four languages fluently, is a regular Huffington Post columnist and a HuffPost LIVE commentator. You’ll see her in the media too, from Rogers TV to Chatelaine Magazine, Glow Magazine and CTV. Her first book BYOB: The Unapologetic Guide to Being Your Own Boss became an best seller in entrepreneurship and self-esteem in October 2013, less than one month after publication.

Learn more about Gloria’s book and her thought-leadership in branding and business at


Gloria & Ricardo TEDTalks


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TrepFuel Presents CULTIVATE | Q&A w/ Joshua Scott - Startup Advisor + Co-Founder of Shyp

Joshua Scott is a Canadian born entrepreneur and designer. He currently splits his time between Toronto and San Francisco, where he helps build companies and foster talent as an advisor to startups in the Bay Area. 

Formerly: Joshua co-founded a company called Shyp, which created an innovative new way for consumers and small businesses to send things around the world. At Shyp he ran product, built the brand, and helped assemble an incredible, diversely skilled team. Shyp has raised over $60 million and is currently expanding its operations across the globe.

Prior to Shyp, Joshua lead design at (acquired by Yesware) and has worked on projects for companies such as IBM and others around the world as a consultant.


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"Do What You Can With What You Have Right Now." 

Ricardo is an entrepreneur and catalyst, celebrated for his creativity in business, and commitment to his community. Today he is the Co-Founder and Head of Operation Design at Wedge15, a brand strategy and momentum builder, that your agent of change. Ricardo is also a TEDx speaker sought after for his expertise on branding, entrepreneurship and as a leader in the Black community.

He has been featured on CTV’s The Social, The Huffington Post, CFRB News Talk Radio, CHML AM900, Women of Influence, Chatelaine Magazine & Rogers TV "Start Something BIG". He is also a frequent commentator on radio and on New York-based media outlet HuffPost LIVE, and was featured in the best-selling book "The In-Credibility Factor" by Teresa Kruze.

In 2010 he launched the Black In Canada a website that profiles Black excellence in Canada. in 2014 he was recognized his work and received the prestigious "Men of Honour" Award from the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA). In 2015 he received the "Entrepreneur Of The Year" award from the Black Canadian's Awards.

Ricardo is a certified PMP, CSP and studied fine art and business at the University of Windsor and OCAD.

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Chef Adrian Forte’s first home was Kingston, Jamaica. Born on February 29th, 1988 – a leap year – and the year hurricane Gilbert slammed into Jamaica, seems to have foretold of an eventful and accelerated journey, starting with the split of his parents when he was just six.

His mom, a school teacher, knew Adrian’s future would be limited in Jamaica, so at 12, he was sent to live with his grandmother, a chef, in New York City. Two years later, her sudden death would leave him with few options: go back to Jamaica or head north to his
dad’s home in Ajax, Ontario.

He chose Canada; his choice would prove to be the right one, but for a teenager missing his mom and grannie, fitting in with his father’s new family was hard. In fact, it just never quite gelled. But he had a passion: football, and he threw himself into it. Big and strong, and good enough that he’d caught the attention of college level scouts, an encounter with a rival’s helmet shattered his wrist and his professional aspirations.

“I knew that dream was over. I sat on the sofa watching TV and getting fat.” He was hooked on the Food Network. Soon he started buying cookbooks, and experimenting in his dad’s kitchen.
“I used to make all sorts of crazy recipes I’d see on TV or in books, and feed them to my family, but they just never really supported me in my dream, so I moved out, got a job and enrolled at George Brown College.”

Working fulltime while studying fulltime took a ton of drive, determination, and energy; good thing Adrian has plenty of all three.
It’s that same drive and quality of character he brings to all of his projects: catering, consulting, or building his own hospitality empire. 

As for his culinary style, he says; “Even though I was born somewhere else, I consider myself a Contemporary Canadian Chef who cooks Caribbean fusion…” and, because his maternal Grandmother called Venezuela home, “…with a hit of South American flavour.” It’s this mosaic of flavours, histories, and recipes that make him a contemporary Canadian chef in the truest sense; creating delicious harmonies with local ingredients, time-honoured techniques, and traditions from away.

At The Dirty Bird, Adrian’s flagship restaurant in Toronto’s trendy Kensington Market neighbourhood, Canadian cuisine means perfectly crispy Northern-fried chicken and waffles – dusted with salt, pepper, and maple. And as simple as the menu may look at first glance; look a little closer and you’ll see that Adrian has taken great care in creating
the recipes and sourcing the ingredients.

“The chicken is small farm Ontario-raised and hand-slaughtered. My business partner keeps Halal and I was impressed by the quality and the care that goes into the processing of the animal; it’s very mindful. For me, it’s all about respecting the ingredient, though, I explore and cook well outside of the Halal box too!” Sourcing quality, Canadian ingredients from the cabbage in their tangy slaw to the maple syrup for drizzling on fluffy, hot, a la minute waffles, it’s all fresh, local, and handmade.

The rave reviews are rolling in: Voted NOW Magazine's Toronto's Best Fried Chicken, named Best Sandwich Shop in Toronto by, and chosen as Best New Restaurant for Fried Chicken in Toronto by blogTO! Adrian has appeared on Food Network Canada’s Chef in Your Ear, Season Two of Food Network Canada’s Chopped Canada, as well as several noted national television appearances demonstrating his skill and creativity.

Adrian’s future is as promising and exciting as the future of Canadian cuisine; with his boundless energy, in this young place alive with fresh ideas, and a unique and diverse bounty from every corner of the earth, the sky’s the limit.

Adrian is finally home – in this country, his city, his kitchens – but the journey he started at the age of nine continues.

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 In 2015, as the self-balancing scooter became known as the first generation "hoverboard", Darren quickly designed and built an online hoverboard dealership, by himself. The first of its kind, Hüüvr has set out to serve the public with top quality robotic transportation including design, parts & service. Living the brand everyday and personally training over 1,000 people (between the ages of 6 to 86), Darren believes in the robotic transportation revolution that has begun. As a customer centric company, Hüüvr puts its customers first. As a result, the website attracts top tier buyers in North America, everyday. 

Darren's responsibilities include online merchandising, shipping and design. He also oversees a small team of customer service reps and can often be seen servicing hoverboards himself. Sharing the wealth, Darren sometimes works with his mother and 6 year old daughter who can be seen installing batteries and hovering on the socially integrated website, The site did so well in its first 6 months, its already started selling related products likehot sauce, bags and socks. What's the common factor amongst all these items? They are all family products. 

Darren has already set an audacious goal of one hoverboard in every household. 2016 looks even more promising with new models, colors and styles of hoverboards and robotic bikes.

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