TrepFuel Presents CULTIVATE | Q&A w/ Darren Pereira of Hüüvr [VIDEO]


In 2015, as the self-balancing scooter became known as the first generation "hoverboar d", Darren quickly designed and built an online hoverboard dealership, by himself. The first of its kind, Hüüvr has set out to serve the public with top quality robotic transportation including design, parts & service. Living the brand everyday and personally training over 1,000 people (between the ages of 6 to 86), Darren believes in the robotic transportation revolution that has begun. As a customer centric company, Hüüvr puts its customers first. As a result, the website attracts top tier buyers in North America, everyday.

Darren's responsibilities include online merchandising, shipping and design. He also oversees a small team of customer service reps and can often be seen servicing hoverboards himself. Sharing the wealth, Darren sometimes works with his mother and 6 year old daughter who can be seen installing batteries and hovering on the socially integrated website,

The site did so well in its first 6 months, its already started selling related products like hot sauce, bags and socks. What's the common factor amongst all these items? They are all family products. Darren has already set an audacious goal of one hoverboard in every household. 2016 looks even more promising with new models, colors and styles of hoverboards and robotic bikes.

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