TrepFuel Presents CULTIVATE | Q&A w/ Chris Clark - CEO/Founder of

Chris has always been exposed to entrepreneurship since a young age, as both of his parents operated their own companies. When he enrolled at Laurier in 2012 he quickly realized that entrepreneurship is not something the majority of students are exposed too, yet there is a great eco-system in the region for startups. Entrepreneurship is the only job path that truly allows an individual to shape not only their world, but the world for others as well. Since attending Laurier, his mission has been to expose this super-power to students, and empower those that wish to walk entrepreneurial paths.

In 2013, He partnered with Enactus Laurier, the world largest student entrepreneurship organization and launched “Laurier Sustainable Entrepreneurship Competition”. This was the first social entrepreneurship conference ever held at Wilfrid Laurier University. With the help of this conference, Enactus Laurier has since been able to raise more support for their social initiatives. After seeing such a need at Laurier, he wanted join a club where he could help grow entrepreneurship even more, Startup Laurier was a natural fit.

The most amazing part of his experience working with Enactus Laurier and Startup Laurier are the people who he's been able to meet. Everyone in these organizations understands the power of entrepreneurship, and has an amazing drive to grow that within Laurier. "All of our successes and failures are celebrated collectively, this has created an amazing open support system that I am so thankful for."

Since joining Startup Laurier and helping grow entrepreneurship at Laurier, Chris has begun working at Communitech to help grow startups in the Kitchener Waterloo Region and Canada as a whole. Entrepreneurs both starting their own companies, and helping established companies innovate are the people leading the world to a brighter future. He will continue to support these individuals, and he encourages you to do the same.



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Camera + Editor - Brione Wishart

Interviewed By Joel Grannum