Peace and Cotton w/ Jeremy Panda

Peace And Cotton is a boutique manufacturer that prides itself on complete vertical integration and strong ethical values. In our downtown Toronto factory, we conceptualize, manufacture, and print on all textiles, wood, glass, ceramic and many other unique substrates.

If you need anything designed, printed or manufactured we're your “One-Stop” shop to execute and deliver your creative vision. We can help you learn more about NAFTA friendly goods, Fair Labor Accredited Goods, and everything you need to know about what you’re wearing and where it’s from

Peace and Cotton Inc. is currently working very closely with the Canadian Cancer Society and the Brain Tumour Association to help raise funds and awareness for their amazing work in their respective fields. Peace and Cotton Inc. is excited to be a part of these initiatives and continues to look for other organizations and partners they can collaborate with in effecting change, building awareness and contributing to the positive fabric that lines our thoughts and motivations in making the world a better place to live.

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