Hustle Never Dies w/ Andrew Paprocki - Co-Founder of ONE11 Imports

ONE11 Imports is a Toronto Based Importer Of Lighting And Giftware Products.

Their network spans multiple continents, and their experience specializes in all facets of the manufacturing process.

They are passionate about the newest trends, and work closely with European designers to bring the latest products to the North American market first.

ONE11 Imports goal is to provide the lowest cost, greatest margins, and highest quality control of their products to their customers.

They love lighting and home decor. But most of all, they love what they do.


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My Cinema Lightbox is owned and operated by ONE11 Imports Inc,

Since launching their first two lightboxes, The Original Cinema Lightbox, and the limited edition Handmade Wooden Lightbox in the fall of 2015, they have quickly expanded to include a Mini and XL version, as well as several add-on packs. Thanks to the incredible support and rave reviews from their customers, they are able to bring a new spin to the DIY novelty gift & decor market with their fun, customizable products. 

Their goal is to bring new life to all decor markets with the Cinema Lightboxes, and to curate the perfect gift item, reminiscent of the old days before smart phones and digital technology took over. Back when we used to create crafty custom signs to express ourselves, or placed visual reminders of motivational quotes around the home.

"We hope we can start a new trend in North America with a timeless piece that is perfect for any mood and occasion!"


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Camera + Editor - Brione Wishart
Interviewed By Joel Grannum