Building Blitzen w/ Josh Wright - Co-Founder of Blitzen

Josh Wright is local to Waterloo, where he grew up and attended both Wilfrid Laurier's BBA program and UW's MBET Masters Program. After some time abroad in Germany and the UK, he moved back to start into the technology space and to join the wild world of entrepreneurship. He was previously the Director, Strategic Initatives at the Waterloo Accelerator Centre and also worked at the University of Waterloo in Commercialization. Golf, Arsenal FC, networking, sales, his family (and dog, Bruce) are key interests.

Blitzen is a KW-based startup focused on helping small to medium sized business take control of their leads. We help you capture more leads from your website and through our surveys, we'll give you more information on your leads, and through our easy scoring and segmenting features, you can trigger this contact information to flow into your CRM and Email Campaigns so you can market to your potential customers in a more personalized way.

The company was created by 4 founders that have known each other since they were 8 years old. Blitzen is a graduate of the AngelPad Accelerator in NY/SF.

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Camera + Editor - Brione Wishart
Interviewed By Joel Grannum