Healthy Crunching w/ Julie Bednarski - Founder of The Healthy Crunch Company

Julie’s love of snacking is unlike any other person we’ve encountered. A spirited entrepreneur and total go-getter, she’s always on the go.
To keep up her energy, she fuels herself with high-vibe snacks, chaga
tea, and of course, kale chips. It’s the Registered Dietician in her as well as the fact that she’s a trained chef that makes her love kale. But it was her dismal discovery, several years ago, that there wasn’t a single tasty kale chip on the market that led her to this endeavor of developing her own line of chips. And boy, we’re glad she did!
When Julie is not running the show at The Healthy Crunch Company, she’s cooking up a storm, collecting cookbooks, travelling the world, keeping active, or hanging out with the Crunch Pups. Julie has a warmth, kindness, and generosity that make her a great colleague to have.
She’s fun, open, and genuinely strives to create a happy, healthy work environment.
Julie doesn’t have a favourite kale chip flavour. She says it’s like choosing between her babies. But if we peaked into her fridge at any given time, we’d find avocados,
lemons/limes, cilantro, cholula hot sauce original, and spinach. In Julie’s words, “Popeye was right! Spinach keeps my body strong and happy.”


If you love kale and have Healthy Cruncher qualities
(or Crunch Ambassador or something else) such as a creative spirit, a go-getter attitude, can tell a good story, love engaging with people, and you want to be part of something special, we want to hear from you!
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Camera + Editor - Brione Wishart
Interviewed By Joel Grannum