Publicize Wants To Bridge The Gap Between Startups and Journalists

  Publicize COO Eddie Arrieta and CEO Conrad Egusa

Publicize COO Eddie Arrieta and CEO Conrad Egusa

Anyone who hangs around with the startup circus knows it: most startups are desperately looking for exposure, but their tight budgets are often unable to grant it.

Either you are backed by a big VC fund that can buy you the services of a PR firm, or you’ve got a really disruptive idea that sets you apart from the masses so that you can cold email journalists and get some attention, or chances are you’ll basically be ignored.

Being cash-strapped is not the only problem: startuppers often have little or no idea of how to contact journalists, write a press release, or make a follow up call.

That’s absolutely legitimate, as people in the industry usually come from a technical background and don’t need to hone their communication skills. But in the long run, especially if you are targeting the B2C market, this could become an issue.


Enters Publicize, a PR-startup 


Founded in 2014 by former Venture Beat writer Conrad Egusa, it aims at disrupting the public relations sector. In the first two years of operations, it has been offering a number of services meant to make it easier — and less expensive for startups to reach journalists.