Wes Hall, Founder/CEO of Kingsdale Shareholder Services and one of “Canada’s Most Powerful Business People”.

The story of Wes Hall begins with his grandmother who taught him about hard work, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurialism as a child in Golden Grove, Jamaica.  When Wes arrived in Canada all he saw was opportunities in front of him and he intended to take advantage of all of them.  He did not come to Canada to get by, or to merely exist.  He came to set the world on fire.


Often the only black man in the room, he never shrinks or let’s any notion of disadvantage creep into his psyche.  Rather he see’s his blackness as a differentiator and an opportunity to change negative perceptions and stereotypes.  And in doing this, he hopes to make it better for those coming up after him.  

It is very important that the youth hear his story, particularly black youth in Canada, with inventive minds who may not have considered business as a creative outlet.  Wes is someone they can relate to and his example can inspire them to cultivate that entrepreneurial mindset to believe anything is possible.


“We have a lot of great talent in the schools, they’re bright, and sometimes they just need that boost from someone to say you can do it.” - Wes Hall